Friday, September 28, 2012

Deep Purple

Ok, I'm on a roll, my second blog... tonight I want to talk about a good wine. Deep Purple, not the 70's heavy metal band... you know the tune that everyone can mimic. This is the Lodi Zinfandel 2009 from California. I love the psychedelic label and honestly the name made me buy it the first time a few years ago. Lodi in Polish means ice cream, and I love ice cream almost as much as I love wine.

This is what has to say about it ... "Scents of blackberry, black cherry, and plum with a touch of black pepper and clove. Jammy fruit from entry through mid-palate, finishing with wild berries and a dusting of cocoa."

and they say it goes with everything...
PAIRING: Zinfandelicious with braised short ribs, lamb burgers, cassoulet, spaghetti & meatballs, country-style pork ribs
alcohol by volume: 13.0% 
Zinfandelicious! wow, its so good it has its own word. I tried it and it has become a favorite of mine in my price range, around $10. I highly recommend this wine to anyone who loves Zinfandel.

ps. check out the the description on the front label: ok, I'm going to type it out here after 2 glasses... :)


It is very yummy - by that statement alone you know I'm not a wine snob. I just think there is a certain point in a woman's life when its either drugs or wine, and wine is my drug. And this particular drug is tasty. I see they throw in the subliminal hedonistic... while the good life is all well and good I prefer to use my drug as a relaxer.

I'm checking my tweets... 
hmmm, I find the funniest, oddest things on twitter...
So, Jerry Seinfeld started a web series titled "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," I saw the last episode. He starts out picking up his guest in a car and they continue to drive to a California coffee house to get coffee and talk. They are really more normal than we think, except between the two of them I'm sure they made quite a bit of money off of one cup of coffee. This last episode he talked with Michael Richards, better known as Kramer.  And yes, they talked about The Laugh Factory incident, when Richards splurged some racial slurs at an audience member in West Hollywood. He was in the moment and is regretful. I hope he comes back to comedy. I'm going to check out the other episodes as well.

And I'll end my rant with my PEANUTS QUOTE:  He's funny-looking kid, but he knows how to make a girl happy. - Peppermint Patty

Thursday, September 27, 2012

too much??

Have you ever experienced a little too much wine and what follows; I like to refer to as too much information, too much opinion and perhaps way too much drama? Yes, we've all been there either in person or while online. And online drama is so much easier even without too much wine. Courage and confidence  after a glass of wine is explosive for me, so I want to talk about wine, friends, family, beer, food, travel, music, books, politics, how to build e-books, and tweets. Oh this will be fun.

Going backwards from my list here is a recent tweet from @mashable Justin Bieber Fan Tribute Gets 200,000 Retweets -- Almost a Record - 9/27/12   And his tweet was this, "RIP Avalanna. i love you" This is a reference to six-year old Avalanna Routh, who died  of cancer Wednesday. She had a publicized meeting with Justin after connecting with her idol on Facebook and was know as Mrs. Bieber. Even if you aren't a fan of Justin Bieber that is true fan love. I give him kudos for caring. RIP AR.

Another tweet from today starts like this, “A fiddler, a mandolin player, and a guitarist walk into a bar…,” no, that’s not the start of one of my bad jokes, but a meeting place for these bluegrass artists trying to teach business leaders how to perfect their communication skills. They are three experienced musicians perfecting effective collaboration on the fly with complete precision. There is a crucial need for diverse employees working together for the complete customer experience. You must learn about each other and augment and distill the new culture. While this is difficult to do in large organizations, with creative leadership you must do more that lead, you must also learn to play.

I’ll end this rant today with a quote from PEANUTS
Linus to Charlie Brown: I think you’re afraid to be happy, Charlie Brown… Don’t you think Happiness would be good for you?